Podcast The WRITE Word with Janet Groom

In this episode, I talk with LEE LAM (Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Author) about her work and her book 'Journey Through The Guilt Trip'. She shares with us her personal experience which inspired her to write her book about GUILT, and as to why she opted to self-publish.


BrightTalk Webinar: The Business Case For Ditching The CV

There is a fundamental conflict within the recruitment and talent management sectors. On one hand, you are constantly told to find the best talent, the future leaders and innovators for your business, yet at the same time, told to use standardised recruitment processes. Not only do they fail at helping you identify the best candidates, their use also discourages the real talent from applying in the first place.  

In this webinar I discuss the business rationale for ditching the cv and moving towards a more people focused recruitment and talent management future.

Watch the webinar now:

Disrupt the CV ...

How disruptive is losing the CV – Many companies don’t use them anyway, so what difference does it make?

I loved working on this collaboration with Natalie Ellis for a fantastic HR Blog - talking about whether anyone would really notice if the CV was removed from the recruitment process?

Take a read here: Natalie Ellis HR

Interview with Jane Jackson

Jane Jackson Podcast.png

It was a real pleasure talking with Jane Jackson ✦ Career Coach ICF about all things career and team. Jane is a fellow LinkedIn Local host in Sydney and like myself, committed to giving people a better career experience. Her podcast was a great opportunity for me to talk about my somewhat complicated career path, as well as my top 3 tips for teams.  Click here to listen to the whole podcast episode.

Interview with Hiscox Insurance

hiscox 1.png


I had a great conversation with Hiscox Insurance about my approach to my work, my belief on what makes successful businesses and my top tips for female entrepreneurs.   Read More

A Giving Business


I will be donating 10% of all invoices raised to the Chartwell Trust Cancer Fund, via Work For Good.  It's an amazing charity who provides much needed resources and support to the work of the Chartwell Cancer Unit in King's College NHS Trust, who looked after me so well during my own treatment.

Interview for Lives Less Ordinary



Ordinary people with extraordinary lives.  I had not previously thought that the path that my life has taken would be of interest or relevance but as I tell my story, I now realise it makes it easier to understand why I feel so passionately about making sure I never settle for the status quo. This indepth interview was really fun to do and one of the rare ones that I actually read myself with interest!  Click here to read the full article.

Speaking Opportunities


I am available to speak on a range of topics, including:

  • A new approach to people management strategy (Ditch The CV)
  • Senior leadership transparency and governance
  • Flexible working implementation for everyone
  • How to make people matter within your organisation

Please contact me to discuss requirements

getting the best work life balance possible


I'm delighted to have been able to contribute to this article on the Virgin website, discussing how close relationships at work can help you achieve a better work life balance.  By having strong work relationships, you are able to better manage the stresses and strains of your work, and will not necessarily take it back home to your home environment.  This makes you more effective at work, and more grounded at home.

Finding Balance Between Your Work Family and Your Real Family

How To Do We get a better gender balance?


I was asked my thoughts on how we could achieve a better gender balance, when I attended the Womanthology Diversity Thought Leader Event in November.  The headline - we have to stop thinking that things will change while we keep doing the same things:

Things Need To Change


Why Do You Work?

Why do you work? I know that for pretty much everyone that will be to earn money, but given how much of our time it takes up, we also need to get some personal satisfaction or fulfilment as well.
But our expectations of what we will get out of work are all so different. Some will want status, power, control. Others will want the ability to be creative and fun. Maybe you are the person who gets a thrill from seeing all of the numbers on a spreadsheet add up (guilty!) or the filing cabinets fully organised. No matter what the job actually is, what we contribute to the company is more based on what activities we enjoy doing than the ultimate product we create.
Knowing this about yourself is so important, as it gives you a sense of where you will be happiest. We can get too tied up with role titles, grades and organisation charts, and we forget that we have to go home each day feeling that we have achieved something that we see as valuable.

Who Do I Work With?

The challenge with identifying your ideal clients is that it naturally starts to limit the potential people that you reach out to - instead of the "I'll talk to everyone!" approach, you begin to restrict who you work with - and that can feel both liberating and terrifying at the same time!

So who do I want to work with now? 

People, teams or businesses who:

- Are stuck, and know it;
- Have tried to solve their problems the usual way, and failed;
- Know that they have a blind spot, and need someone they trust to tell them what it is;
- Know they need to hear the hard truth and are ready to

Do you or anyone you know fit the bill? If so, let's talk!



13 years in the making ... the evolution of any business demands change. It needs a fresh look at what works and what doesn't, and the willingness to shift to a different path. But the core purpose, the driver behind what I do, has never changed - it is my due north that makes sure that any changes are accurately aligned and therefore sharpening my focus not diminishing it.