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Lee Lam, disruptor:

I believe that the status quo should be constantly challenged and validated, because I believe we can always be better.”

I embody the concept of slash businesses – many business concepts that dovetail together in some ways and vary dramatically in others!  I run a coaching consultancy and have done for 14 years, doing both business consultancy and personal coaching.  During this time I also progressed my career in financial services technology, where after 20 years I had reached COO and Chief of Staff level positions.  I enjoyed the mix of corporate acumen and emotional intelligence to carry on both the career and the businesses and I believe it is the combination of both that makes me a formidable asset!

I have something of a complicated career path, with one constant - I always strove to get to positions where I could challenge current ways of thinking and create something better.  This didn't always make me popular, but my tenacity meant I implemented multiple ideas that I was told wouldn't or couldn't work.  I found that the main reason for the lack of optimism was because it involved getting the people in the organisation enthusiastic and that felt too complex - whereas for me, that was the exciting part.

I am different because of how I do my work, not what I do. 

Ways To Work With Me:


I have opinions and ideas - lots of them!  If you are struggling to come up with new solutions, or you are interested in hearing new thinking for people management strategies, team dynamics or diversity and inclusion, then I am able to join the discussions and offer valuable and constructive advice and feedback to take your thinking to a new level.  Be warned - as a disruptor, my role is not to tell you want you want to hear, but to think radically different.  This may mean I will challenge your current thinking and agitate your already carefully laid plans, but my intent is to give you the best possible outcome, one that you can truly commit to - and that might come from something that you haven't thought of yet.


I work with my consultancy partners on a number of different projects and approaches, as well as providing a unique QA service for consultancies and clients to make sure they get the best value and best outcome from each assignment.  An objective, transparent, third party that can identify blockers to progress and stimulate momentum to avoid scaling costs and dragging timelines.  To find out more click here.

While I love working with businesses and teams, I am at heart a coach and because of that I particularly enjoy the one to one coaching that I provide to individuals.  Through the Ditch the CV Candidate and Career Growth Programs, and the Journey Through The Guilt Trip Program, I am able to take individuals to the next level of working or living.  I would describe my coaching style as stubbornly optimistic - I am by your side throughout, telling you that you are able to go further than you can possibly imagine.  I use a blend of several coaching techniques, as well as mentoring skills acquired through a varied career, to bring emotional and mental freedom from those telling you that you cannot.


I instigate radical personal and business change. I shake things up, challenging the belief that you have to think in the same familiar (and failing) ways. To make a change you have to accept the need to change, and this takes honesty, delivered with integrity and passion.

I believe that the biggest commercial secret is hidden in the unrecognised potential of your people, and that adequate investment in them can reap rewards that far outweigh the cost.

At a personal level, I believe that you can struggle to recognise your own true value or contributions and as such fail to meet your potential. I work with individuals wanting to get clearer on the life that they strive for, empowering them to make their own choices and decisions and going for it with no guilt and massive motivation.

My approach is simple – I encourage my clients to go for whatever they want and wait for someone to stop them, to tell them they can’t do it.

Then I will show them they can.
— Lee




Lee was able to work with senior leaders to develop and implement a wide ranging diversity and inclusion agenda, where she specifically focused on the multi generational challenges. Lee ensured that she provided thoughtful challenge when necessary, ready to be honest and open in order to get the correct level of engagement.


Lee has an ability to navigate complicated and geographically diverse organisations, identifying the

relevant information and critical players.  She is direct, but not confrontational. Lee is able to work out what needs to be done to address problems, and has the persistence to see recommendations and remediation activities through to conclusion.

Lee has an eye for detail and good process.  She delivers effective, sustainable processes which ensure high quality governance in large scale organisations.


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Lee.

I worked with Lee for over 4 years in different capacities within the IB Technology Chief of staff office at Barclays. She has been instrumental in shaping the careers of a number of members of staff and was very influential in my progress through 2 corporate grades over this period.

As a senior member in the organisation, Lee was quick to recognise my efforts across various initiatives and highlight my contribution to senior management to raise visibility. Her philosophy on career management was to treat it like a good business case that is refined over a period of time. She ensured through timely and periodic colleague feedback that my management took note of my achievements and constantly made them aware of my overall progress to help set the platform for an in role promotion.
Lee functions as all the different kinds of mentors - the star, the coach, the network, the librarian and finally the teammate. She is passionate about talent development and is a great asset to any team, client or firm. She combines extensive commercial experience and intelligence and operates as a trusted advisor at the highest level.

Lee was a fantastic career coach. Her support and guidance through my career transition were invaluable. I was particularly impressed with her ability to think outside the box helping me to explore a variety of approaches in my job search. Her "can do" attitude, compassion, understanding and support were just the right mix to keep me going and optimistic. I would recommend Lee highly to anyone looking for assistance managing their career options and will certainly be enlisting her support and guidance when its time for my next move.

Director, Compliance

Private client

I first met Lee through her Facebook page. When I contacted her I was trapped in a very dark emotional place with a big box full of multiple complex issues in both my personal and professional life. We to date continue to unpack this box. 

I cannot thank Lee enough for enabling me to find emotional clarity, self worth, confidence, control of my emotions, acceptance and most importantly my voice. 

Lee is non judgemental and has always made me feel safe during our sessions. 

I leave feeling empowered and cocooned with positivity when I see Lee and I look forward to continue working with her.