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I believe that the status quo should be constantly challenged and validated, because I believe we can always be better.”

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My career began and developed in Technology within Financial Services, where after 23 years I reached COO and Chief of Staff level positions.  During this time I have also run a coaching consultancy for 14 years, doing both business consultancy and personal coaching.  I enjoy the mix of corporate acumen and emotional intelligence to carry on both the career and the business and I believe it is the combination of both that makes me a formidable asset!

I have something of a complicated career path, with one constant - I always strove to get to positions where I could challenge current ways of thinking and create something better.  This didn't always make me popular, but my tenacity meant I implemented multiple ideas that I was told wouldn't or couldn't work.  I found that the main reason for the lack of optimism was because it involved getting the people in the organisation enthusiastic and that felt too complex - whereas for me, that was the exciting part.

I am different because of how I do my work, not what I do. 

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Don't Settle

Don't Settle


I believe that your business hires people, not resources, talent, or headcount.

I believe that you will get the perfect people for your business if you look for them in a different way.

I believe that the current process of recruitment is unfair, inefficient and poorly designed for the future of work.

I believe it is possible to unlock the talent of your people, to improve value and engagement and to increase personal satisfaction for the individual.


I believe that you must identify line managers who want to manage people.

I believe that it is important to see individual team contributors rather than templated job descriptions and roles.

I believe that you can make your employees co-creators of a working structure that works for both the company and the individual.

I believe that you can learn how to empower employees - to help them take control of delivery, contribute to the team’s objectives and add value to the organisation.


I believe the world needs people who are trying to do things differently.

I believe that it is possible to break the status quo and create new possibilities.

I believe that you need a voice that tells you to carry on when others tell you to stop.

I believe in anyone who can see a future that does not yet look possible.


I believe that nobody is born for the benefit of others.

I believe that we all deserve to live our own life our way.

I believe that it is important for our mental health to get rid of any pressure to be something that we are not.

I believe that it is possible to get rid of guilt used as a method of control.

I believe that emotional and mental freedom are possible.

My Clients

My Clients

I believe that you need to be honest with yourself, to get clear on what the real issues are and what needs to change.

I believe that with support, anyone can change the direction of their life, team or business.

I believe that I can help you if you are ready to hear what you need to hear, and not what keeps you safe and stuck.

I believe businesses must hold themselves to the values that they espouse to, to know whether the culture that is fully lived by the senior leaders and at grass roots.

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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch: 

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How I Work

How I Work



Businesses big or small face the same challenges – operational processes, business development, strategy and growth.  Although the sizes involved may vary greatly, the need for quality support, guidance and advice doesn’t.  The marketplace is full of consultancy firms and practitioners, but not all are geared to the needs of small businesses:

·       They need long and complex master service agreements and individual statements of work before they can start the work;

·       Services are overpriced and overengineered for the small business, when you just want access to business knowledge and acumen at an affordable price;

·       Your requirements may only be for a few hours or a few days’ work – which many firms may find less attractive;

·       You have to wait for resources to become available, sometimes from assignments of a few months.

·       You have account managers, relationships managers, team leads, team members – and you have no idea who is the best person to speak to.

It can be frustrating to know that somewhere there is a person with the knowledge, background and ability to come into your organisation, quickly understand the issue you have, help you work on an achievable solution and work to a fast turnaround.  You have thought of consultancy as something bigger organisations use, but why should they get access to that resource – and how are you going to grow without it?

I specialise in fast, short term assignments based on a simple DAILY RATE structure.  I provide meaningful consultancy and advice to small businesses as and when they need it.  Usually available within days, I designed my business model with one aim – to provide maximum convenience and flexibility to my clients.

KNOWLEDGE CONSULTANCY – where you are struggling to find the answers you need, I can bring my experience, skills and commercial knowledge to help find the best solution and help you work out how to get it delivered.

DELIVERY CONSULTANCY – if you need something done, but do not have the resources available, I can be brought in to get the job done, the way you want it.

I cover the following areas:

Business Growth Strategy

·       Where is your business today and where will be in the next year or so?

·       Does your current model allow for growth and if so, how much?

·       When does a startup become an ongoing concern – and are you ready for that transition?

Recruitment and People Management Strategy

·       Who do you hire?

·       How do you hire them?

·       How do you manage their career objectives, whilst protecting those of your business?

·       As teams grow, are your line managers ready to lead?

Leadership Development

·       Are you ready to lead a growing organisation?

·       What kind of leader are you?

·       Who do you need alongside you?

QA on Consultancy

·       If you have consultants already on site, how can you ensure they deliver what they say they will?

·       Who has capacity to oversee their work, maximising their effectiveness and minimising scope creep and constant upselling conversations?

·       Who makes sure you get what you paid for?

Operational Growth Strategy

·       As your business grow, are your processes ready to grow?

·       Is your operational model future proofed for your expansion?

·       Is the technology strategy future proofed?

·       Would sudden growth and expansion cause you some sleepless nights?

You can make huge progress very quickly, and you can create a solid plan in only a few days.  The relationship I have with my clients is entirely up to them – I can kickstart an effort and then leave them to it, or I can oversee the delivery and implementation on their behalf. 

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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch