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Instigating REAL change for people, teams & business


Instigating REAL change for people, teams & business


Disrupting the CV: I loved working on this collaboration with Natalie Ellis for a fantastic HR Blog - talking about whether anyone would really notice if the CV was removed from the recruitment process? Read more here:

Interview with Jane Jackson: It was a real pleasure talking with Jane Jackson ✦ Career Coach ICF about all things career and team. Jane is a fellow LinkedIn Local host in Sydney and like myself, committed to giving people a better career experience. Her podcast was a great opportunity for me to talk about my somewhat complicated career path, as well as my top 3 tips for teams.  Click here to listen to the whole podcast episode.

A Giving Business:  I will be donating 10% of all invoices raised to the Chartwell Trust Cancer Fund, via Work For Good.  It's an amazing charity who provides much needed resources and support to the work of the Chartwell Cancer Unit in King's College NHS Trust, who looked after me so well during my own treatment. 

LeeLamSCREEN 62.jpg

Never Settle For The Status Quo

Never Settle For The Status Quo

I believe that the status quo should be constantly challenged and validated, because I believe we can always be better.

I want you to understand the power of confusion; of taking what you know and turning it on its head.  Not by thinking out of the box, but ignoring the box completely!

I believe that your business hires people, not resources, talent, or headcount.

I believe that you will get the perfect people for your business if you look for them in a different way.

I believe that the current process of recruitment is unfair, inefficient and poorly designed for the future of work.

I believe it is possible to unlock the talent of your people, to improve value and engagement and to increase personal satisfaction for the individual.


I believe that you must identify line managers who want to manage people.

I believe that it is important to see individual team contributors rather than templated job descriptions and roles.

I believe that you can make your employees co-creators of a working structure that works for both the company and the individual.

I believe that you can learn how to empower employees - to help them take control of delivery, contribute to the team’s objectives and add value to the organisation.


I believe the world needs people who are trying to do things differently.

I believe that it is possible to break the status quo and create new possibilities.

I believe that you need a voice that tells you to carry on when others tell you to stop.

I believe in anyone who can see a future that does not yet look possible.


I believe that nobody is born for the benefit of others.

I believe that we all deserve to live our own life our way.

I believe that it is important for our mental health to get rid of any pressure to be something that we are not.

I believe that it is possible to get rid of guilt used as a method of control.

I believe that emotional and mental freedom are possible.


My Clients

My Clients


I believe that you need to be honest with yourself, to get clear on what the real issues are and what needs to change.

I believe that with support, anyone can change the direction of their life, team or business.

I believe that I can help you if you are ready to hear what you need to hear, and not what keeps you safe and stuck.

I believe businesses must hold themselves to the values that they espouse to, to know whether the culture that is fully lived by the senior leaders and at grass roots.

I believe that we can be more than we are

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