I like to mix things up a little here and that's why I've partnered with Work for Good - a platform that enables businesses to give back to charities that count by doing what they do best - their jobs.

Between March 2018 & December 2018 I'll be donating 10% of my invoices to good causes.

Want to see who I’m supporting? Visit our Work for Good profile page.

My story...

I liked asking lots of questions and thankfully, they never minded asking them...
— Lee

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2016 and had to have surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy as part of my treatment plan.  During the next nine months, I was looked after by the staff of the Chartwell Cancer Unit in Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent.  During that time, the team were incredibly supportive, knowledgeable and patient (I like asking lots of questions and thankfully, they never minded answering them!) and I saw a perfect example of people doing work that had real meaning for them, and had a real purpose.  This impacted the way I viewed my work and made me want to do business my way, because when you work with passion and purpose, you achieve so much more.  I was also aware that many of the little details that made my treatment time so bearable – extra breast cancer nurses, new furniture, chairs and equipment for the chemotherapy ward – were paid for by the Chartwell Cancer Trust.  When I joined Work for Good, I knew that I wanted to keep supporting the unit by supporting this charity, and in my own little way, give back to the men and women who looked after me through a very stressful time.