What It Is

How you find and bring people into your organisation is the key for providing the pipeline of talent that you need to keep growing.  By adopting a people-focused recruitment process, giving people an accurate view of what the role is and what will be expected of them, you will attract more talent to your organisation.  Create a safe to fail environment where individual initiative is welcomed and managed, not suppressed, and where teams are encouraged to work together in order to do individually excellent work.  It is time to acknowledge that the link between employer and employee is two way – organisations have focused on making sure that the skills and talents of the individual suited them, but just as important is the individual feeling able to express the multi-dimensional aspects of what they can contribute, and so encouraging your people to get involved with initiatives or projects that do not immediately relate to their current role can help you identify those who are ready to take on a new challenge – long before they start underperforming through lack of engagement.  Talent management here is more talent guidance – provide the support and help they need to be their best, but let them direct where and how it is applied for the benefit of the organisation. 

Ways I Can Help

-       I can consult on alternative talent management models for your organisation, that help demonstrate the commitment to a people-focused strategy.  Once agreed, I can define the implications for the rest of your talent management processes and discuss with relevant stakeholders the key features to ensure full acceptance of the change in strategy. 

-       I can run a pilot (starting from individual hires to teams/hires of up to 20 people) which runs through the new talent management process and provides proof of concepts for the solution agreed upon.

-       After a successful pilot, I am able to drive the implementation of the new strategy across the organisation, using our established consultancy partners whilst retaining oversight and quality assurance to ensure the implementation matches the agreed model.

-       If the changes are to be made using internal teams, full training can be provided, along with coaching for key process owners and any operational teams.  Workshops (of up to 20 people at a time) can be designed to take them through the new processes and reconfirm the commitment to a new cultural approach towards talent management for the organisation.