Arrive at work, bag down, coat off and job site open. Have you made trying to escape your current job part of your routine at work?

Has searching recruitment sites become your immediate reaction to dealing with the stress, strain or boredom of your job?

You do your job well, you get lots of praise from colleagues yet your manager doesn’t acknowledge it - and you’ve been passed over for promotion.  What else do you have to do to get noticed?

Being a woman and ambitious can be hard when everyone has an opinion on why you are not  ready to progress - you’re too young (no-one will take you seriously), you are going to have babies soon (you can’t be career focussed and broody at the same time), you’ve had babies (you must be thinking of picking your children up from childcare, not your job), you have been out of the job for too long to raise your children, you’re too old …  

What happened to looking at whether you can do the job?

You are getting asked to attend lots of interviews, but you keep going blank, you are so keen to give the correct response, the killer answer, that you don’t actually pick up what the interviewer wants and you fail to impress.

You dread interviews, especially the question “So why should you get the job?”

You know you can do the job, you know you can meet the challenge of a new job with new expectations, but you can’t think of a clear way of proving it.  Without the experience already, how can you possibly show that you would be a success - but how do you get that experience if no-one will give you a chance to learn?

It’s not a glass ceiling you’ve hit - it feels more like a concrete ceiling with barbed wire and guards.

You want to get a senior role, you want to step up - and your company says it encourages mobility and promotion opportunities - yet your management are not suggesting you push for it - in fact, they are actively stopping you from doing it!  How do you push past a manager who blocks your growth?

Everyone seems to know how to deal with office politics - except you.  You know it is harming your career - you watch others get opportunities while you get ignored, seeming to prove that it is not what you know but who you know that gets you ahead.

You can be ambitious and confident of your abilities, yet not able to translate that into true progress in your career.

You can feel that you being deliberately held back, pushed to the back of the promotion list.  You may think that you know why - too ambitious, not ambitious enough, too pushy, not pushy, being female / a mother / young / old.  The fact is that your career will progress after you realise one thing - that nobody else is going to see your potential if you don't show it.  There are no barriers that cannot be blasted through by understanding your true value to the industry you work in. 

By being able to define your value and contribution, you can achieve greater levels of success than ever before.  You will have a solid game plan of how to revitalise and relaunch your career in the direction of your choosing, challenging any preconceived ideas or unconscious bias that you may face.

Working with me, it’s less glass ceiling and more the sky’s the limit!

Confidently and knowledgeably, I will assess your current role against your ambitions and decide whether the right path is with your current organisation or you need a new role with new energy and opportunities.  I will show you how to build an effective network, setting up key connections and relationships that will support your growth for many years to come.  I can show you ways to break the barriers you face at work, whatever they may be by focussing on what you can do and ignoring what you are told you cannot.

Be the creator and powerhouse behind your own success - I will show you how.

In the 90 minute session, we will:

  • Briefly review your CV to see what is on there that is of use and valuable;
  • Includes the use and analysis of the innovative organometric test, The GC Index(c), which analyses the type of impact you can make to an organisation and what kind of contribution is going to inspire you.
  • Discussion of career goals and aspirations, the importance of work life balance
  • Start to create a personal profile which indicates everything a manager needs to know YOU and your ambitions.
  • Tools and techniques for taking this information to managers, so they can see your value and you can get their buy-in on your career goals.

There is then an option of a further 6 week program to reinforce and guide you on using the personal profile.

Prices: £200 for the first session; £750 for the 6 week program