You’ve been asked to get all of the work done, with limited headcount and even more limited budget.  And every time you manage the impossible and get the balance right, someone resigns and you have to recruit again, costing money and time that really needs to be committed to delivery.

Too much of your carefully designed budget is being spent on recruitment costs, for replacement hires dues to attrition.  You know you have an engagement problem, and you know that a solution to that could also be a solution to your high attrition rates.

As senior management, you have been set the objective of attracting the next generation talent to your organisation, but as fast as you can hire them, other talent (and all of your company knowledge base) is walking out of the door.  

You need to make key decisions to your hiring strategy that continue past induction.

You have been set a target to increase the diversity of your workforce, but you are struggling to find the talent in the marketplace to meet the goals.  The problem isn’t that the people don’t exist, but your hiring process does not enable you to find them.  You can’t hire people who don’t apply for the roles, but they are put off by a process that focuses too much on previous experience, which directly impacts any new groups of talent from entering the application process.  

And what makes it worse?

The people who are applying are more and more a select group of individuals who have been doing the ‘circuit’ of organisations in your industry, holding all the cards because they hold all of the experience. To diversify your workforce, you have to change the rules of bringing people into your organisation.

Making difficult choices of where to increase and unfortunately, to decrease staff, becomes even tougher when the valuable, experienced talent left because they thought there were better opportunities elsewhere, leaving an essential role empty for weeks or even months, and taking valuable company knowledge with them.

Many of the challenges faced by COOs are caused by the employees being disengaged from the vision of the company, not feeling heard or appreciated and so are making career decisions based on salaries and seniority, rather than really enjoying what they do and wanting to contribute to the organisation’s aims.

Our focus is on breaking the traditional hiring processes wide open, challenging the “it has to be that way” approach to hiring and helping businesses think out of the box by focussing on a process that works for the company and the individual.  

And, because we know exactly how scary radical change can be to a company used to more traditional ways, we call upon all of our COO experience to instigate the real change that is needed in a practical, structured, and well thought-out way.  You won’t have to hope the vision is taken onboard by your employees, you will have an implementation plan that turns the idea into practical steps.

In a matter of months, you will have a workforce who are hired on value & contribution, who see you as a fresh and exciting alternative to the usual conveyor belt of the same jobs at different companies, with all of the same issues that you have eradicated from your company. Your teams will be engaged, committed to the organisation because they understand their value to it and see that you are a leaders who sees their own success is dependent on the strength of the talent they lead.  By taking a chance to instigate radical change with practical implementation steps, the only danger you have is to be seen as a game-changer.

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