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We have all done it - hung around a dinner party or barbecue and talked about ways that we could make our fortune and success. Many of those discussions will never amount to anything more than something that made sense at the time. But if you find yourself constantly going back and forth with different ideas, or you have a sense that there is a big idea somewhere inside you waiting to be discovered - then chances are it is more than just polite conversation!

I work a lot with startups around growing their businesses but the conversations I love the most are those with people like you, who are just formulating a business idea and you want to think it through to see whether it is worth progressing or not.

Given that the idea may be written off completely, you don’t want to spend huge amounts of money with a business consultant but you do value expertise and the opportunity to talk to someone who can offer practical advice whilst not trampling down your idea before it is fully formed. And while it may be free to talk to friends and family, it can be easier to talk to an objective stranger about your dreams and ideas while they are still only partly formed. With the best will in the world, those closest to you may want to shield you from potential risks or challenges and so are not always as encouraging as you may want them to be. They are able to be far more supportive when they can see that some of the more obvious issues are already ironed out, and you have a clear strategy to how to approach developing the idea more.

So I am delighted to introduce Starting From Scratch, Business Advice For Ideas and Dreams! You can book a 60 minute session, where we will talk through your business idea, whether it is still in your head, written on the back of a napkin or it is more fully formed but you’re not sure of the next steps.

You will come away with:

  • a clear idea of the strategic and commercial viability of your idea,

  • confirmation that you are motivated and eager to go ahead with it,

  • the first steps you need to take to move it forward.

While the idea remains in your head and not discussed, you will never know if you could make something of it and this is a unique opportunity to get guidance and advice to help you know if it stays a dream or whether you are ready to make it happen.

Why should I talk with you?

I have run my own coaching and consultancy business for over 14 years, as well as working in large corporations for over 23 years. This means I have a mixture of small and large business thinking - I don’t only think of your idea as something to do at a kitchen table, but how it could potentially scale up to the next Big Thing! Many of my clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to start or scale up, and that requires this mix of small and big focus.

But it’s not all about my experience, it’s also about my approach to my work. I am a structured, strategic thinker with a massive creative streak going right down my middle! I love talking about new and disruptive ideas and concepts, particularly when there is nothing to really go on other than a few ideas, a rough idea of where you want to go to and (if we are lucky) some notes on a scrap of paper! The blend works perfectly - I can allow my imagination to match yours with your groundbreaking ideas, whilst keeping it real with some “so how can we make this happen?”

There is lots of free advice I could get, so why pay?

You’re right - there is loads of free information and guidance out there, and you should make the most of that wherever and however you can. But the reality is that most of the truly valuable advice and guidance still sits behind some type of paywall, whether that is a ‘discovery call’ or an online course, or a book. If the information is valuable then it has a price attached, whether or not it is advertised as such. I’ve had experiences myself where someone has offered free guidance and the whole time it was a sales pitch onto an often very expensive course or program. if you are looking for quality advice but without the hard sell, then this is perfect for you. It’s 60 minutes and you get something worthwhile. There is no sales involved at all - what you get is what you pay for and is given as an end in itself. My aim is to always give you enough to know your first few steps, and give you guidance on where to go next. And those few steps are completely tailored to your idea and where you are in the process. Yes you can join a free webinar to get some useful details, but they won’t take into account your particular set of circumstances. This will.

Don’t I need a business plan?

No - in fact if you have one this probably isn’t the session for you! This is aimed at those who may not have ANYTHING written down, or who have maybe only spoken about it once or twice. I have separate program set up to help those who are a bit further down the line but this is purely for those whose information is still in their head or written on post it notes! There is a reason for this - putting together the business plan, understanding your business model, creating a timeline of activity to launch of the business - is a LOT of effort if you are not even sure whether it is worth it or not. And you can’t really tackle any of them until you have a clear picture of what the idea will look like, once it is outside of your head, so your 60 minutes is your chance to play with it a little before investing too much time, effort, energy and money into it.

For more details on the Successful Startup Growth Consultancy, designed for businesses looking to grow or launch quickly, please contact me here to set up a call.