'Boom or bust...'

'Here one day gone the next...'

'Headlines of celebration once now they’re going down in smoke...'

The road from startup to sustained success is lined with the remains of those that thought they had to do it all alone and didn’t bring in the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time to support the growth that is not only wanted but expected when there are investors at your table.

Getting the investment is one thing - keeping it is another ball game.

Even the most innovative of investors will want to know that their money is safe and your profits depend as much on how you spend money as how you make it.  

So you need a safe pair of hands, used to dealing with large sums of money, whose whole function is to set in place the mechanisms and tools needed to facilitate your growth and development without skimping on the foundations of any strong business - business operations that work seamlessly and strategically.  

You may already have a Chief Operating Officer (COO) identified or you may not know you need one.  We can come in as support or instigator to implement strong operational processes.  We can get you up and running ready for any growth spurts you may have, avoiding the common pitfalls of companies who grow too quickly and without proper governance and control. We will support your obligations to your shareholders by your side, and will help you identify the right candidate for the permanent position who can drive your business towards even greater success.

We deliver decisive, sustainable, scalability.

What it is not...

What it is...

Spoon feeding you, peeking over your shoulder

Creative stifling

Handing over/delegating all your power and accountability

Number crunching / accountant replacement

A clinical critic of your balance sheet (We will be as passionate about your business as you are)





Directive guidance when you need it most and the stakes couldn’t be higher (and they are always high)

A partner at the funding table, making sure that your message is being properly received and respected

Removing the guesswork about what’s a priority and what’s a key decision that you can’t wait to make

Your secret weapon to nipping things in the bud to avoid repetitive, costly mistakes not just to your funds but to your reputation

Clarity and transparency

Making decisions as an established brand when you are a growing one. Let’s anticipate your success and put this in place

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