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Instigating REAL change for people, teams & business


Instigating REAL change for people, teams & business


We are an independent disruptor consultancy, collaborating with other consultancies or direct to clients, to provide a range of solutions, from identifying reasons for high attrition, to how to make a change program reporting structure tell the truth, to helping senior leadership teams understand how you work together and what may be missing to give you the competitive edge. We will tell you what you need to hear, not what else we can sell. Our independence and ability to be honest are very important to us and so we want to work with those companies ready for that.

We want to encourage you to have a conversation with us rather than read a presentation or PDF (that to be honest, never says anything useful anyway!). Our aim is to have conversations about the challenges that you are facing right now and how we can help.


A rare mix of big business understanding and operations combined with an entrepreneurial energy, driven by an intention to get the job done. 


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We instigate real and lasting change for people, teams and business. You can explore how here...


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the manifesto

the manifesto

We want businesses to understand the power of confusion; of taking what you know and turning it on its head.  Not by thinking out of the box, but ignoring the box completely!

We want leaders who are ready to make the seismic shift of a radical change to business operations or practices and are ready to be brave, open and transparent.  

That are ready to hear what they need to hear, not what keeps them safe and stuck.  

We want to help businesses get honest, to get clear on what the real issues are and what needs to change.

 We want to hold businesses to the values that they espouse to, to help them know whether the culture that is expected by the senior leaders is actually happening at grass roots.

We want businesses to realise they hire people, not resources, talent, or headcount.  

We want them to see individual contributors rather than benign templated job descriptions and roles.

We want to show organisations how to identify line managers who want to do people management.

We want organisations to see how to empower employees - to help them take control of what they deliver, contribute to the team’s objectives and add value to the organisation.

We want organisations to make employees co-creators of a working structure that works for both company and person.  

We want leaders to unlock the talent of the employees and provide greater value and engagement and increased personal satisfaction for the employee.