What I Can Do

In order to remove the reliance on the CV for the selection of new people, you need to first rethink how your organisation and teams are put together.  I can use tools and our experience to help you understand the purpose, value and contribution of every team within your organisation – why are they needed by the company, what value do they offer and how do they add to the success of the business?  Then at team level, I identify the purpose, value and contribution of each individual, defining the objectives and deliverables at team and individual level, arranging the team so that each person is placed as closely as possible in line with their strengths and then supported to develop in any areas needed.  Once complete, any gaps found within the team towards their overall contribution becomes the basis of a new hire request. 

Working with usual recruitment partners and advertising strategies, the new style role is put out to market and candidates are identified not by experience or skills but by their ability to explain how they would perform the objectives required by the role, as now defined under the new contribution model.  From the first job specification, the candidates know exactly what will be required of them in the new role from the beginning, thus removing many of the challenges faced when the subsequent performance is not of the desired level (in many cases, there is a need to redefine the job description after performance has caused concern, leading to a protracted and highly stressful time for the person, their line manager and the team concerned).  Probation periods are more meaningful, and the relationship between line manager and team member is positively established as an ongoing and constant interaction.

As the recruitment process is the first contact many people will have with your organisation, it is critical that it accurately reflects your organisational culture, and that all subsequent interactions – from line management through to talent management – equally reflect the people-focused approach. 

Ways I Can Help

-       I can consult on the most suitable alternative recruitment methods for your organisation, exploring the implications for the rest of your people management processes and discussing with relevant stakeholders the key features to ensure full acceptance of the change in strategy. 

-       I can run a pilot (starting from individual hires to teams/hires of up to 20 people) which runs through the new recruitment process and provides proof of concepts for the solution agreed upon.

-       After a successful pilot, I am able to drive the implementation of the new strategy across the organisation, using my established consultancy partners whilst retaining oversight and quality assurance to ensure the implementation matches the agreed model.

-       If the changes are to be made using internal teams, full training can be provided, along with coaching for key process owners and operational teams.  Workshops (of up to 20 people) can be designed to take them through the new processes and reconfirm the commitment to a new cultural approach towards recruiting for the organisation.