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ready to think of people differently?


ready to think of people differently?


No-one likes writing their CV - if you are happy in a job, you don't think of keeping it up to date and by the time you want to refresh it, you have done so much that you can't always remember everything you have done. 

Interviewers don't really like reading CVs, either not trusting the information in there, or not sure how to interpret it to see suitability. 

And with the availability of professional CV writing services steadily increasing, it is near impossible to gauge the person behind the document.

But replacing CVs feels hard and disrupts the entire recruitment process:

Candidates will ask:

Businesses will ask:

  • How do I show my career history?

  • How do I explain my experience, skills and abilities?

  • How do I show my qualifications?

  • I know the rules of applying at the moment, why would I want a different application process per role?

  • How would I continue to compare roles for the best fit for me if each one is described differently?

  • How do I show the best of me?

  • How do I find the right people for my open roles?

  • Do I even have the right open roles?

  • How do I interview people without having their career history in front of me?

  • What would I base my candidate selection on?

  • How do know how to ensure the right level of performance?

  • How would I know how much to pay them?

  • Do I need to rethink how my teams work?

  • Do I need to rethink my whole organisation structure?

Any one of these questions feels too much of a challenge.  That's why I have done the thinking for you.  I have thought of changing everything and changing nothing, and all that sits in between.  Even if you don't feel ready for a complete overhaul, I can help you change just one hire, just one team, just one part of the recruiting process, to prove the effectiveness of a new approach. 

The consequences of not trying a different way are becoming more and more critical:

  • Increasing difficulty for young people to enter industries, falling foul of the "need to have done the job to get the job" mentality of many organisations.

  • A growing skills gap that we cannot fill if we use the same cross-section of 'experienced' hires.

  • A need for innovation within organisations that cannot be effectively found in those who maintain the status quo.

  • An economy that is affected by disruptors to all industries, whose focus is to deliberately do things differently, and who are small and agile enough to accomplish it.

Organisations are an integral part of people's lives, taking up most of their time and energy.  They have a responsibility to focus on their people's wellbeing, to encourage employee engagement because they want their people to be part of the future of the company, because we all perform better when we have commitment, loyalty and a sense of belonging to the vision the organisation holds.  And evidence shows that treating people as people and not 'resources' can fundamentally change the organisation's bottom line.


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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch

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On Demand Consultancy

On Demand Consultancy



Businesses big or small face the same challenges – operational processes, business development, strategy and growth.  Although the sizes involved may vary greatly, the need for quality support, guidance and advice doesn’t.  The marketplace is full of consultancy firms and practitioners, but not all are geared to the needs of small businesses:

·       They need long and complex master service agreements and individual statements of work before they can start the work;

·       Services are overpriced and overengineered for the small business, when you just want access to business knowledge and acumen at an affordable price;

·       Your requirements may only be for a few hours or a few days’ work – which many firms may find less attractive;

·       You have to wait for resources to become available, sometimes from assignments of a few months.

·       You have account managers, relationships managers, team leads, team members – and you have no idea who is the best person to speak to.

It can be frustrating to know that somewhere there is a person with the knowledge, background and ability to come into your organisation, quickly understand the issue you have, help you work on an achievable solution and work to a fast turnaround.  You have thought of consultancy as something bigger organisations use, but why should they get access to that resource – and how are you going to grow without it?

I specialise in fast, short term assignments based on a simple DAILY RATE structure.  I provide meaningful consultancy and advice to small businesses as and when they need it.  Usually available within days, I designed my business model with one aim – to provide maximum convenience and flexibility to my clients.

KNOWLEDGE CONSULTANCY – where you are struggling to find the answers you need, I can bring my experience, skills and commercial knowledge to help find the best solution and help you work out how to get it delivered.

DELIVERY CONSULTANCY – if you need something done, but do not have the resources available, I can be brought in to get the job done, the way you want it.

I cover the following areas:

Business Growth Strategy

·       Where is your business today and where will be in the next year or so?

·       Does your current model allow for growth and if so, how much?

·       When does a startup become an ongoing concern – and are you ready for that transition?

Recruitment and People Management Strategy

·       Who do you hire?

·       How do you hire them?

·       How do you manage their career objectives, whilst protecting those of your business?

·       As teams grow, are your line managers ready to lead?

Leadership Development

·       Are you ready to lead a growing organisation?

·       What kind of leader are you?

·       Who do you need alongside you?

QA on Consultancy

·       If you have consultants already on site, how can you ensure they deliver what they say they will?

·       Who has capacity to oversee their work, maximising their effectiveness and minimising scope creep and constant upselling conversations?

·       Who makes sure you get what you paid for?

Operational Growth Strategy

·       As your business grow, are your processes ready to grow?

·       Is your operational model future proofed for your expansion?

·       Is the technology strategy future proofed?

·       Would sudden growth and expansion cause you some sleepless nights?

You can make huge progress very quickly, and you can create a solid plan in only a few days.  The relationship I have with my clients is entirely up to them – I can kickstart an effort and then leave them to it, or I can oversee the delivery and implementation on their behalf. 

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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch

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Is your team futureproof?

Making Us Work

Is your team futureproof?

Making Us Work

team dynamics redefined


Whether your team has been together for a while, or is newly formed, getting to know how to work effectively together can be a real game changer.

This program helps you:

Understand the natural strengths of each member of your team;

Understand the most effective strategy for your team so current and future objectives are met;

Identify the dynamics of your team for optimal group and individual performance;

Introduce new language to enhance communication and embed that into everyday interactions.

Support your team to embed the approach in their day to day work and encourage them to build more effective and engaging interactions.

Give individuals feedback that will help them understand their unique contributions to their teams


Would You Benefit From This Program?

  • Maybe you have been given a team as part of your promotion - but no training on how to manage them.

  • Do you relish the challenge of managing a team of your own, after years of watching managers try and fail to get the best out of their people - and it is a lot harder than it looks?

  • Maybe you don’t want to manage people, it was never in your career plan - yet your success is now dependent on theirs?

  • Just how do you get excellent delivery from your team, when you have also been given your own huge list of deliverables, with ‘manage your team’ only as a side note?

  • Have you a team of varied personalities, volatile dynamics and dysfunctional relationships?

  • Does your team consist of employees who have reputations for conflict, under-performance and high levels of attrition?

  • Do you feel you’ve been given an unsolvable problem?

Too often, we have seen line managers set up to fail as organisations force high performing individuals into management positions, yet leave them ill-prepared, ill-equipped and ill-informed over how to succeed in that function. Left untrained and unsupported, many potentially great line managers are forced to develop their own managerial practices, which are usually based on the good and bad elements of their own line manager’s actions.  The only real guidance given is from HR on what they can and cannot do - but all that tells them is how to not get involved in grievance procedures, not how to manage the performance and careers of those trusted to their leadership.

I have experience of managing teams of 2 to 25 employees, and know that it can be a struggle to find that balance between doing ‘your own work’ and helping those in your team do their best work.  As a member of teams, I have experienced some great and some not so great managerial styles - I have been the one put on the pedestal, as well as the one intentionally ignored.  As many people who have a career of any length can attest to, I have some true horror stories about my time in and managing teams, but each experience was a great tool for helping me refine my understanding of how teams truly work and how to get every individual performing to their best.

Most importantly, I have learnt how to make sure that they enjoy their contribution to the overall team goals, which creates the ultimate win win situation.

A team is only as strong as its weakest link - and a manager is only as good as the strength of their team. I know that the key to line management success is to stop seeing it as a side of the desk distraction, a ‘nice to have’ - and see it for what it is - the critical and only focus you should have if you want to achieve any kind of true success.  By focussing on empowering and strengthening each team member, the input you need as a line manager consists of guidance and being a strategic compass.  You no longer have to focus on what they do if you work on how they do it.  Performance of individuals can be improved from any starting position.

I can help you set the expectations you have for your team, and how to then hold them accountable to that standard.

I have worked through poor performance issues and addressed them as a collaborative effort, getting the situation turned around quickly and permanently.  

It’s a simple equation - if they look good, you look better.  And the pride and kudos you could get as a line manager of a high-performing, high retaining team, can send your career into opportunities you never thought would come your way.  Your credibility as a leader of talent is validated by results.  I know how to get individuals to succeed, and how to intertwine those individual successes together to show a team with maximum impact.

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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch


Are you ready for the next step?

Scaling Up For Startups

Are you ready for the next step?

Scaling Up For Startups

'Boom or bust...'

'Here one day gone the next...'

'Headlines of celebration once now they’re going down in smoke...'

The road from startup to sustained success is lined with the remains of those that thought they had to do it all alone and didn’t bring in the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time to support the growth that is not only wanted but essential to continued success.

You may already have identified everything and everyone you need - or you may not know have any idea.  I coach and mentor you through implementing strong operational strategies that grow and scale with you.  I help you get up and running ready for any growth spurts you may have, avoiding the common pitfalls of companies who grow too quickly and without proper governance and control. If CEOs in large organisations have support to help them make critical decisions, then you as a startup owner must see it as a critical part of your success too - the company grows if you grow.

Running your own business can be exhilarating, challenging, and downright scary all at the same time.  Many love the independence provided by owning their own business, but much of the work is done at home and it can be isolating.  If you are used to the office, you know how much better it feels to have people to talk over things with, to discuss what is going on for you and hear their experiences and words of advice.

Who do you speak to when you need advice, guidance, support? You go to friends or family, but do they really understand what it is like to run a business - however small or big it is? Business Owners know the rollercoaster of emotions that come with having your name over the door, and can understand that encouragement comes in many forms.

Working together, we can discuss where you are going with your business, what you need to get there and what you are going to do once you’ve arrived.

I'm the secret weapon you never knew you needed.

What it is not...

What it is...

Spoon feeding you, peeking over your shoulder

Creative stifling

Handing over/delegating all your power and accountability

Number crunching / accountant replacement

A clinical critic of your balance sheet (I will be as passionate about your business as you are)




Directive guidance when you need it most and the stakes couldn’t be higher (and they are always high)

Removing the guesswork about what’s a priority and what’s a key decision that you can’t wait to make

Providing you with operational experience to nip things in the bud to avoid repetitive, costly mistakes not just to your funds but to your reputation

Clarity and transparency

Making decisions as an established brand when you are a growing one. Let’s anticipate your success and put this in place

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If you would like to find out more, please call me on 0203 865 2877 or use this form to get in touch: