Business Design and Growth - Power Session

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Business Design and Growth - Power Session


For an established business looking to grow, a small business looking to survive or for a business idea that you want to stress-test

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I want you to succeed safely - I love dreaming big, but you want to know that there is good business strength and strategy behind your idea, so that you don't have too many sleepless nights!

If you are planning to scale up and want your growth plans to achieve the maximum potential for your business, the need to do so safely and strategically rises exponentially.  

As you take on more investments and more workers, more relies on you getting this right.

I will work with you as your business sounding board.  I can review your business plan (whether a 25 page booklet, or the back of a napkin) and analyse it from a strategic point of view:  Does the idea have commercial value?  Is there a market place for what you want to do?  Are you implementing an established business, or are you an innovator of change - and what does that mean for your chances of success?

I can also explain any operational or logistical issues you may face, and offer suggestions on how to resolve them.  

A 90 minute session may change your perspective on what your business could become.

Ongoing business coaching and consultancy support available - please contact me for more details