Why do you work? I know that for pretty much everyone that will be to earn money, but given how much of our time it takes up, we also need to get some personal satisfaction or fulfilment as well.
But our expectations of what we will get out of work are all so different. Some will want status, power, control. Others will want the ability to be creative and fun. Maybe you are the person who gets a thrill from seeing all of the numbers on a spreadsheet add up (guilty!) or the filing cabinets fully organised. No matter what the job actually is, what we contribute to the company is more based on what activities we enjoy doing than the ultimate product we create.
Knowing this about yourself is so important, as it gives you a sense of where you will be happiest. We can get too tied up with role titles, grades and organisation charts, and we forget that we have to go home each day feeling that we have achieved something that we see as valuable.