What It Is

When you move towards a people-focused strategy, you are treating individuals as unique and as such, the way they are managed has to adapt.  Instead of an instructional, task-based managerial style, a more collaborative and coaching style of management is required.  This means line managers have to understand how to encourage, stretch, support and inspire their people into greater levels of performance, allowing the team to feel empowered to take accountability and ownership of the team’s objectives. In particular, if the recruitment process is changed so that the focus is now on their contribution and future potential, much of the line manager’s focus will be less on giving orders and commands and more about working with them to understand how to best support them to achieve to that potential.  Many of the manager’s objectives will be based around the performance they can inspire in their team, rather than their own actions and as such, their team’s success and their success are interdependent.

It is critical that line managers are given an opportunity to agree to this change and are given support themselves to take that more active role in the performance management of their teams, as this is not something that is traditionally emphasised when managers take on the role.  The training provided seeks to address these concerns and leave the line managers more confident in their ability to lead their team to success. 

Ways I Can Help

-       Full training can be provided on how to manage under the new approach, including how to identify the right fit for their team, how to successfully on-board them into their team and the ongoing performance management required.

-       Workshops (approximately 3 hours, for up to 20 people at a time) can be designed to take line managers through the new approach and help them understand how their actions and responses need to adapt.

-       Ongoing coaching support can be offered to line managers for a period of time following the workshops, to ensure their understanding of the new model and to answer any questions or concerns they may have.

-       In depth training can also be provided to internal teams who will be responsible for supporting the line managers on an ongoing basis.