What It Is

My overriding belief is that it is illogical to try to encourage diversity and inclusion when we know that the current people management strategies based upon the CV do not work for anyone, including those who are supposed to be gaining the most from it.  The use of the CV allows unconscious bias to affect recruitment and performance decisions, as it demands that you interpret the information contained therein.  This interpretation occurs with certain assumptions that can disadvantage diverse candidates (for example, a 6-12 month career gap on a CV is seen as something of a red flag by many hiring managers, yet will be shown on the CVs of many women who have had children; how can you avoid (and prove that you have avoided) the unconscious bias in this case?)

I believe that approaching a people-focused future means treating everyone as individuals and managing them accordingly, creating an ongoing conversation to make sure they feel supported, heard and valued.  Part of this is to bring them into the organisation based on their approach to work, the type of contribution they wish to make and their future potential – none of which should be affected or influenced by any gender, race or sexual characteristics.  Therefore I look to create a recruitment process solution that allows for the selection process to be free of any suggestions of diverse characteristics and focus solely on the criteria above.  A product that has been used successfully to create this type of blind selection process is The GC Index©, an organometric test that has been used to focus on the contribution and impact an individual makes and this is the preferred solution. However, other methods are available that can achieve the same conclusion, that of providing an equitable and objective method of selection based on impartial criteria.


Ways I Can Help

-       I can consult on alternative recruitment methods for your organisation, that help create the most equitable and supportive recruitment and performance management processes.  I can define the implications for the rest of your people management processes and discuss with relevant stakeholders the key features to ensure full acceptance of the change in strategy.  And I can support you in the publication of the new approach in order to attract a wider range of diverse candidates.

-       Workshops (approximately 3 hours, for up to 20 people at a time) can be designed to take line managers and leadership teams through the new approach and help them understand how their actions and responses need to adapt, to ensure full alignment between the organisational commitment and the line management experience.