Are you applying for jobs and not getting any response, past the initial "we've got your application" email?

Are you frustrated by long application forms, multiple application forms - and they still ask you for your CV?

Do you despair that at the same time you are told to use a standardised CV format, you are also told that the only way to get the job is to offer something unique?

The CV is not the best way of showing what you are capable of.

It can only show what you have done before and that has a few problems:

- maybe you are newly out of college or university, and don't have a career past with which to dazzle them;

- maybe you have been doing the same roles over and over again for years and you are ... so ... bored

- maybe you left work for a while to have a family and allow the human race to continue - but you now have to 'explain' the gap.

While your past may show that you have some experience, it doesn't give an accurate account of your potential or what you are capable of doing.  If you have experience but hate the job, you're not going in particularly motivated.  And if you have never done the job but you are keen and eager and have the right approach to what the job requires - sorry, you didn't even get through the front door because of that dreaded lack of 'experience'.

I realise I'm fighting a battle on multiple fronts - I need both companies and candidates to change their approach to the recruitment and line management processes.  But one can influence the other and if candidates start to present themselves as being more than 2 sheets of A4, we can convince companies that it is worth the effort of doing something different.

In the 90 minute session, we will:

  • Briefly review your CV to see what is on there that is of use and valuable;
  • Includes the use and analysis of the innovative organometric test, The GC Index(c), which analyses the type of impact you can make to an organisation and what kind of contribution is going to inspire you.
  • Discussion of career goals and aspirations, the importance of work life balance
  • Start to create a personal profile which indicates everything a recruiter needs to know YOU.
  • Tools and techniques for taking this information to recruiters and hiring managers, so they can see the value you can add to the team

The CV is unfortunately not going anywhere soon, but through this session you can show why you deserve to be treated as more than just another applicant.

There is then an option of a further 6 week program to reinforce and guide you on using the personal profile.


Prices: £200 for the first session; £750 for the 6 week program