Success in business, sport or life in general often takes small but consistent action.  Coaching is no different.  To provide the most benefit possible, I work with clients on a regular basis to make sure that the progress made is built upon, not forgotten.

Everyone's needs are slightly different and so the length and intensity of the programmes vary to make sure they work for everyone.

What Can Coaching Help with?

The short answer is anything!  The longer answer is that the same process can be applied to any aspects of your life - finances, family, relationships, home, social life, career.  Coaching works because it gives you an opportunity to play with some ideas of how to make your life better, and then helps provide the structure to accomplish it.  Something that may feel out of control now can be easily brought back into line by having an independent but challenging coach who believes that things can change.  Sometimes, issues are embedded, and you have got so used to the situation that you don't see any other options.  Coaching can help.  Sometimes, situations change quickly and dramatically, and you feel unbalanced or overwhelmed and you need to think about it clearly, to plan your next move carefully. Coaching can help.

And I know that you can make your own decisions, make your own mind up about your next step.  Where you may feel that you are being dragged along by others' expectations and interests, the sessions are solely for you.

Coaching Sessions - Structure

During the session, we discuss any subject you want to focus on - no topic is off limits and there is nothing that I haven't heard before.  My focus for each session is to help you interpret and understand yourself and others better, so that you can make better choices and feel more confident in your decisions.  At the end of each session, you will have committed to a list of actions, that are going to get you to a much better place both mentally and emotionally.  Don't underestimate how much even small niggles can impact your ability to focus on what really matters - some things that feel ridiculous to worry about can be enough to be throw you off your top performance levels and seriously impact your closest relationships.

Why Work With Me?

I start with a solid belief in your ability to achieve whatever you want, and I will challenge you to be bigger, better and bolder.  I believe that honesty is the best policy, coupled with respect, empathy and understanding.  You will hear what you need to hear to get you moving, which you may or may not find comfortable.   I will hold you accountable for any commitments that you make and will be the persistent voice of support that will not let you give up.  You are paying me to help you get results and that is my focus.

There are two packages to choose from, both available as 6 month or 12 month programmes:

The Standard Package is based on two, one hour sessions every month.  These can be face to face or via Skype.  This package also comes with unlimited Email and WhatsApp support (additional sessions available for an additional fee).  Prices start from £2500 for the 6 month programme.

The Enhanced Package is designed for those who are feeling that they need a greater level of intensity and focus.  In this package, there are weekly one hour sessions, where progress can be made far quicker as there is no time between sessions for you to fall back into bad habits or thought patterns. These can be face to face or via Skype.  It also comes with unlimited email and WhatsApp support.  Prices start from £5000 for the 6 month programme.


These packages are also open to family members, with a 20% reduction on subsequent programs purchased within the same family.

Due to the nature and intensity of these packages, there are very limited places available. This ensures I can give my full attention to you - after all, that is what you are paying me for.  

Call now on 0203 865 2877 to arrange a convenient time to talk through where you are right now and where you want to be and which package suits you best. 


It pays to have me on your team.  I look forward to working with you.