There are times in client relationships when despite the best will in the world and a signed off statement of work in your back pocket, a project starts to experience blocks and patience on both sides can start to fray, costs start to escalate and timings start to drag. 

In these scenarios, nobody wins and yet finding a way through can feel impossible.

This specialist consultancy offering from Lee Lam Consultancy exists to not only provide ultimate quality assurance but also dissolve the blocks in the way in a timely and practical way, supporting your mandate to get the job DONE.

Why did we create this one of a kind program for our consultant partners?

It can be hard to see objectively when, in order to successfully implement your deliverables, you have to get embedded into the organisation to some extent.  

An increase in concerns or complaints from the client may indicate that you are missing something (or that they are) and that is where I come in.  

We can review the progress so far and ensure the right actions or decisions are made to keep it on course.  

We do not undertake long term assignments, as I am most effective when brought in to analyse and take actions as quickly as possible and provide answers to specific issues.

 We thrive by coming into chaos or uncertainty, showing a sense of control to keep everyone calm, finding the resolution, identifying the right resources to see it through then leaving it in your hands.

Think of us as your secret weapon

We are able to bring in laser focus real life analysis, based on our considerable corporate experience as COO, with the ability to read the leadership dynamics to find out where the issue really lies.  

We are accountable but this isn’t spreadsheets or presentation analysis, it is an invitation for all participants to step up or step out as we illuminate key metrics that could never get uncovered with only numbers or bullet points.  

And  we will tell it like it is free from jargon or politics, so you can get the resolution you need without any negative impact to your ongoing client relationship.  And the client continues to see you deliver their objectively strongly and in control, knowing you will call in the right people as and when you need to.

We are there to supercharge your work and presence, delivering the client even more value by giving them what they need to know.  We work with a number of consultancies who can see the value in having me in their portfolio, and you can too.

What it is not...

What it is...

Spinning and whitewashing - if you are looking to extend timings and costs ad infinitum then we are not for you

A babysitting service - we work with you to tackle the task in hand, identify the solution and leave you to it

A regulator in sheep's clothing or sinister snooping mechanism - our process lives and dies by accountability and transparency. We are there to find a way through not pick over the bones of what has not worked.





A solution that buys you and your team time and leverage to resent and go forward 

A much needed description of what's really going on - not churning out charts - actionable insight and indicators of what to DO

A demonstration to your client of your accountability and transparency - of your showing up fully without exception

A tool to keep to the statement of work - and avoid upselling fatigue. The key to more work will be delivering the work in front of you.

An independent, impartial, completion focused approach

An opportunity to reboot the agility of a project and strengthen relationships with your clients that need to see you getting the job in hand done to a standard of excellence

Contact us today to embark on a partnership like no other to the benefit of your consultancy and your client relationships

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